[shogi]topics about female shogi players during April 2005 – March 2006

There is a big change during April 2005 – March 2006 in female professional shogi players.
For over 10 years. 3 major female shogi players – SHIMIZU ichiyo, NAKAI hiroe, SAIDA haruko – has almost monopolied titles.
Younger generation –CHIBA ryoko, Yauchi Rieko, ISHIBASHI sachio – has been hoped to capture titles from those 3 players, but they has rarely captured.
In this period, however, they get titles.
CHIBA ryoko captures “Joryu Osho” from SHIMIZU ichiyo.
Yauchi Rieko captures “Joryu Meijin” from NAKAI hiroe.

So, the status of 4 major female tiles is following.
SHIMIZU ichiyo has “Joryu Ohi” and “Kurashiki toka”.
CHIBA ryoko has “Joryu Osho”.
Yauchi Rieko has “Joryu Meijin”.

In short time female matches, ISHIBASHI sachio wins a championship at “Kajima cup” and “ladies open tournament”.

That’s all.


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