[shogi]Report of Shogi society on May 2006

I will report Shogi society on May 2006.

1. Title match

title status
Asahi open HABU defended against FUJII
The pictures of 4th match is here.(You can see the large picture by a click.)
Meijin-sen MORIUCHI 3 – 1 TANIGAWA
If MORIUCHI win the next match on June, he will defend.

Kisei-sen SUZUKI daisuke is the challenger to SATO Kisei
Oi-sen The league is ended. In the playoff, the winner between WATANABE and SATO Kisei will play against Shima. Then, the winner is the challenger to HABU Oi.

2. World Computer Shogi Championship (CSA championship)
Surprisingly, “Bonanza” won the championship. It is said that it is a strong program, but little people expect that Bonanza would win the championship.
There are 3 remarkable topics.
A. It is the first time to partipate the CSA championship
B. It is run by Note PC
C. It is free program (you can download “bonanza” with cost of free.)
All of them is the first time to win the championship.

In the Japanese report of the person who ran Bonanza in the Championship instead of the busy author “Hoki”, you can see the picture of the note PC which runs Bonanza in the championship at the top and the specification of the note PC at tht bottom.

That’s all.


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