[shogi]update of “Web based diagram generator”

June 29, 2006

Web based diagram generatoris updated.
Changes is following

– red / black promoted pieces selection [requested]
– any custom background colour can be selected for the board background
– better quality pieces images
– new promoted bishop and rook images (standard writing instead of
cursive) [requested]
– replacement of the word “Language” by “notation”
– “Show PNG” opens a new window not to lose the diagram config

Next picture shows a diagram of a typical “wing attack”.
Please click the picteure, then you can see the original size picture.
wing attack

[shogi]Report of Shogi society on June 2006

June 26, 2006

I will report Shogi society on June 2006.

Title matches
title status Related Japanese article with pictures
Meijin-sen MORIUCHI defends against TANIGAWA.
The final score is 4-2.
Kisei-sen SATO Kisei 2 – 0 SUZUKI daisuke
If SATO wins next match, he will defend and get “Eisei Kisei”.
Oi-sen SATO Kisei is decided to be the challenger to HABU Oi.
Jyoryu Osho-sen CHIBA Ryoko defends against NAKAI hiroe.
The final score is 3-2 and It is a little surprising that it is the first defense among CHIBA, YAUCHI, and ISHIBASHI.
Asahi open Recently, matches between professional players and amateur players have been increased. I think this trend is because of level-up of top amateur players. Especially, Asahi open matches are center focus of shogi fan’s attention because 10 matches are held simultaneously.
Results is following.
Professional players 7-3 amateur players.
SEGAWA shoji professional player defeats SUZUKI takayuki.
KATO yukio(he defeated “Bonanza” in the exhibition match of “16th World Computer Shogi Championship”) , SIMIZUGAMI tooru, and SIROMA(I’m not confident how to call his family name. It is possible that Jyoma is right ) haruki win.

That’s all.
See you next report!

[shogi]Web based diagram generator

June 25, 2006

Please click the picteure, then you can see the original size picture.
sample shogi diagram
It’s a really splendid tool. One can generate a shogi diagram on this web and save it to one’s computer as a PNG file.
Of course, the top PNG picture is generated by that web.