[shogi]Report of the trends in Shogi society on July 2006

I will report the trends in Shogi society on July 2006.

1. Professional shogi society

title status
Kisei-sen SATO yasumitsu defends against SUZUKI daisuke.
The final score is 3-0.
Because he has got “Kisei” five times, he gets the license of “Eisei Kisei”.
The number of players who gets/got the license of “Eisei Kisei” is only 5, including SATO yasumitsu. Others are OYAMA yasuharu(dead), NAKAHARA makoto, YONENAGA kunio, TANIGAWA koji[*1], HABU Yoshiharu.
Oi-sen HABU Oi 2-0 SATO yasumitsu
Oza-sen The challenger is the winner of the match between SATO yasumitsu and FUKAURA koichi

2. Female professional shogi society
In the tournament of the next Oza-sen, four female professional shogi players(YAUCHI rieko, SHIMIZU ichiyo, CHIBA ryoko, and ISHIBASHI sachio) played against male professional shogi players, but all the female players lost.
You can see the Japanese article and kifu records.

That’s all.
See you next report!

Correction 2006/Sep/18
Annotation(*1) I made the mistake that TANIGAWA got the license of “Eisei Kisei”.
In detail, it is necessary to get the license of “Eisei Kisei” that player has got “Kisei” five times, but TANIGAWA has got “Kisei” four times. So, he doesn’t get the license of “Eisei Kisei”.


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