[system]site renewal

September 17, 2006

I made the site renewal.
I changed this blog title from “doubleplus unsafe in oldspeadk” to “To spread shogi over the world” and some looks.

[shogi]Report of the trends in Shogi society on August 2006

September 5, 2006

I will report the trends in Shogi society on August 2006.

1. Professional shogi society

Title matches
title status
47th Oi-sen HABU Oi 3-2 SATO yasumitsu
54th Oza-sen SATO yasumitsu won against FUKAURA koichi and becomes the challenger to HABU Oza
19th Ryuo-sen The challenger to WATANABE Ryuo is the winner of the two-wins match between MARUYAMA tadahisa and SATO yasumitsu

2. Female professional shogi society
A new star appears!
An amateur child won against a female professional shogi society at SHIRATAKI ayumi cup U-20 (this cup is for under 20 female players.). Her name is KATO momoko and she is eleven years old! It is a surprising news.
Then, she passed the examination of “Shoreikai” (Apprentice Professionals’ Association). I am looking forward to her activity in the near future.

By the way, in 17th female Oi-sen, ISHIBASHI sachio won against HAYAMIZU chisa and becomes the challenger to SHIMIZU ichiyo female Oi.

3. Amateur shogi society
In Asahi open, 3 amateur players who won against professional players at Round 1 lost at Round 2.

KATO yukio lost against SATO shuji.
SHIMIZUGAMI tooru lost against MORISHITA taku.
SHIROMA haruki lost against NAKATA hiroki.

4. One of good shogi sites
Perhaps you know Takodori’s Entrance to Shogi World. It is a good shogi blog because it provides us with detailed articles frequently.

That’s all.
See you next report!