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October 11, 2006

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[shogi]Report of Shogi society on September 2006

October 2, 2006

I will report the trend of Shogi society on September 2006.

1. Professional shogi society

Habu defended Oui and Oza, although the challenger SATO yasumitsu has won remarkably for latest two years. Habu has made two big records.
One is to have titles continuously and he has Oza for 15 seasons continuously. It is the top record.
Another is the total numbers what one has got titles and he has got 65 titles already. It is the second record, but he may renew the top record of OYAMA.

The record of having title continuously

Rank name title number
1 HABU yoshiharu Oza 15
2 OYAMA yasuharu(dead) Meijin 13
3 OYAMA yasuharu(dead) Oui 12

The record of the total numbers what one has got titles

Rank name number
1 OYAMA yasuharu(dead) 80
2 HABU yoshiharu 65
3 NAKAHARA makoto 64

1-1. The status of official title matches

Title matches

title status Japanese article with pictures
47th Oi-sen HABU Oi wins over SATO yasumitsu 4-2 more
54th Oza-sen HABU Oi wins over SATO yasumitsu 3-0 more
19th Ryuo-sen SATO yasumitsu becomes the challenger to WATANABE Ryuo

1-2. Unofficial title

In TATSUJIN cup(for over 40 years old professional players), TANIGAWA koji gets the championship.

1-3. Two new professional player come

Here is the picture of two new professional players.
The left one is TOBE makoto and the right one is SATO amahiko.

2. Female professional shogi society

Female Oi-sen becomes teacher-pupil match. I think it is an interesting match.

2-1. official title

In 17th female Oi-sen, ISHIBASHI sachio becomes the challenger to SHIMIZU ichiyo female Oi.

In 14th KURASHIKI TOKA-sen, SAIDA haruko becomes the challenger to SHIMIZU ichiyo KURASHIKI TOKA.

2-2. unofficial title.

In 11th KAJIMA cup, KAI tomomi gets the championship.

In SHIRATAKI ayumi cup U-20 (this cup is for under 20 years old female players), KATO momoko lost against UEDA hatsumi.

2-3. new female player comes

Here is the picture of the new female professional player.
Her name is INAGAWA manaka (female 2-kyu).

3. Amateur shogi Society

I haven’t found a good topic to write in September.

4. my activity

I joined the activity of “shogi” in Wikipedia and updated the information of “Professional players” section. It was first time to use Wikipedia, so I made a mistake. But others corrected immediately and kindly.

5.One of Good sites

I think the “External links” section of “Shogi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia” is a good link summary.

That’s all.
See you next report!

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