[shogi]About young female members in “Shoreikai” and shogi DVD

November 27, 2006

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As I was asked by RAZA in “Profile” page, I replies to it in this article.

The spelling of “Ito sae” is 伊藤沙恵 in Chinese character(i.e. kanji).
As he shows, she passed the entrance examination of “Shoreikai” at the age of eleven. It is the youngest record in women. But I don’t know more about her.
By the way, Kato momoko has the second record. As I wrote before, she won against a female professional player when she was an amateur.
The article named “Two primary school girls bask in limelight of Japan’s shogi world” is quite interesting.
I am really looking forward to their activity as a professional or a female professional player in the future.

About shogi DVD, I don’t know anything else Sam Sloan’s DVD.

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[shogi]Report of Shogi society on October 2006

November 6, 2006

I will report the trend of Shogi society on October 2006.

1. Professional shogi society

1-1. Major 7 title matches

Title matches

title status Japanese article with pictures
19th Ryuo-sen WATANABE Akira Ryuo 0-2 SATO yasumitsu more

1-2. other title matches

In 27th JT JAPAN series tournament (knock-out tournament), SATO Yasumitsu and GODA Masataka will play on 26th November. The winner is the champion.

In 14th Ginga-sen (aka. Galaxy-tournament, knock-out tournament), HABU yoshiharu wins over KOBAYASHI Hiroshi.

In 37th Shinjino-sen (knock-out tournament), ITODANI Tetsuro 4-dan wins over YOKOYAMA Hiroaki 4-dan and gets the championship.
When ITODANI joined in this tournament, he was 3-dan (Of course, in “Shoreikai”) and not professional player. So, it is be a remarkable record. It is the 2nd time that player who is/was 3-dan (when he joins the tournament) gets the championship. The first one is MORIUCHI Toshiyuki.

2. Female professional shogi society

2-1. Major 4 female title matches

In 17th female Oi-sen, SHIMIZU Ichiyo wins over ISHIBASHI Sachio by 3-1 and defends.

In 14th KURASHIKI TOKA-sen, SAIDA Haruko becomes the challenger to SHIMIZU Ichiyo KURASHIKI TOKA.

2-2. unofficial female title matches

In SHIRATAKI ayumi cup U-20 (this cup is for under 20 years old female players), UEDA Hatsumi female 1-dan wins over BANDO Kanako female 2-kyu and gets the championship.

3. Amateur shogi Society

I haven’t found a good topic to write in October.

4. One of Good sites

Yamajunn’s Basic Shogi Opening

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