[shogi]About young female members in “Shoreikai” and shogi DVD

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As I was asked by RAZA in “Profile” page, I replies to it in this article.

The spelling of “Ito sae” is 伊藤沙恵 in Chinese character(i.e. kanji).
As he shows, she passed the entrance examination of “Shoreikai” at the age of eleven. It is the youngest record in women. But I don’t know more about her.
By the way, Kato momoko has the second record. As I wrote before, she won against a female professional player when she was an amateur.
The article named “Two primary school girls bask in limelight of Japan’s shogi world” is quite interesting.
I am really looking forward to their activity as a professional or a female professional player in the future.

About shogi DVD, I don’t know anything else Sam Sloan’s DVD.

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6 Responses to [shogi]About young female members in “Shoreikai” and shogi DVD

  1. takodori says:

    I had a chance to watch the DVD. If you are unware of shogi at all and would like to learn basic rules and how to move each piece through a motion picture rather than a book, then it might be worth while purchasing. But my recommendation is to buy books such as “SHOGI for Beginners” by John Fairbairn and “The Art of Shogi” by Tony Hosking.

  2. RAZA says:

    Yes, I own both of those books and I also own the DVD. The only thing I ‘learnt” from the DVD was when someone commits “ni fu” you should wait a few moves before telling them. That way they can’t take the move back :)

  3. RAZA says:

    Also I was wondering if there are any Japanese DVDs on Shogi?

  4. w1allen says:

    Hello, RAZA and takodori,
    About Japanese DVDs on Shogi, I cannot find anything in Amazon.co.jp.
    Well, I think that the most popular media about shogi in the world is comic :-)
    , although it hardly helps one’s improvement.

  5. RAZA says:

    heh. Yes I have some of “Ayumu no Koma”, too bad my Japanese is not good enough to read it all :)

    BTW – Thanks for all the data, that article on the 2 primary school girls was very interesting!

  6. ShogiSoul says:

    hello, mi name its carlos im from colombia and i also try to spread shogi in my country , i have at least more than 20 players divided in 2 cities Bogota and Barranquilla , my friendly advice is to invited you to take a look at my shogi blog. i dont have many time now to play shogi as before but i try to gather at least 1 day every week.in barranquilla we are like 15 players most of them beginers =) .i play shogi about 3 years ago i have a shogi dojo rating of 1002 now maybe like 500 . uhmmm thats a little things i can say about me, please continue spreading shogi. have a nice day

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