[shogi]ShogiSoul manages “Begginer tournament Colombia vs Slovakia” on 16th

December 15, 2006

Nice to meet you, ShogiSoul. :-)
I’m surprised that you manage and it’s a really great event!
Tournament Information

NAME: Beginner tournament Colombia vs Slovakia
PLACE: Shogidojo, Oosaka, Tournament room
START: 16th of December 2006, 10AM Colombian time, 4PM Slovak time

By the way, please let me introduce myself.
My rating is about 1200-1400 in Shogi Club 24.
I’m interested in shogi and want to spread it over the world.
So, meets with foreigners who are interested in shogi encourages me.
I’m looking forward to good fights between Colombia and Slovakia.

[shogi]size of board and pieces

December 11, 2006

Raza asked me

Hey someone once asked me this, I was wondering if you know the answer –

I am interested in the standard Shogi board size and the size of the “squares” (rectangles) on it. Can you let me know what is the actual size of it? And for Shogi pieces, I want to know the actual sizes of these also. I know that there is variation in size for each piece.

If you can tell me refer web or document that would be great thank you.

So, I will reply for this.
I don’t have accurate knowledge of Shogi board and pieces. But, there is an article about size of shogi board in Japan Wikipedia. According to it, the general length is about 36 centimeter and the general width is about 33 centimeter.

About the size of shogi pieces, I couldn’t find articles.

“game equipment” section of Shogi – Wikipediais a useful English article.

Well, I wonder why your friend asked you this question. Will your friend try to make shogi board and pieces by oneself?

[shogi]my best kifu in Nov. expressed by gif

December 6, 2006

I’m trying to express shogi board on my blog. In this time, I use simply board gif file. Next time I want to use repayable board by Java or Flash program.
I think the thumbnail shogi board is too small. So, please show the original size gif by clicking the thumbnail shogi board.
Well, it was a rating match in Shogi Club 24. My rating was 1453 and the opposite’s was 1462.
Please think what I moved. The key is knights in my hands. You can see the answer by clicking the next.
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[shogi]Report of Shogi society on November 2006

December 6, 2006

I will report the trend of Shogi society on November 2006.
There are two surprising news. One is that Jyoryu kishi kai will be independent from JSA(Japan Shogi Association). Another is that Shogi Club 24 is merged into JSA.

1. Professional shogi society

1-1. Major 7 title matches

Title matches

title status Japanese article with pictures
19th Ryuo-sen(4wins-match ) WATANABE Akira (Ryuo) 2-2 SATO Yasumitsu more

1-2. other title matches

In 27th JT JAPAN series tournament(knock-out tournament), SATO Yasumitsu won against GODA Masataka and gets the championship.

2. Female professional shogi society

2-1. Major 4 female title matches

In 14th KURASHIKI TOKA-sen(2-wins match), SAIDA Haruko won against SHIMIZU Ichiyo by 2-1 and gets the KURASHIKI TOKA title.

2-2. the surprising news

The group of female professional players(Jyoryu kishi kai) has belonged to JSA(Japan Shogi Association) foundation. But the group announced that they would make a new foundation which is dependent from JSA.

3. Amateur shogi Society

I haven’t found a good topic to write in November.

4. Shogi Club 24

Shogi Club 24 is known as the most popular online shogi dojo. But there is a surprising announce that Shogi Club 24 was merged into JSA.

5. One of Good sites

This is a cool shogi site. It is full of useful shogi information.
I’m surprised that some tactics are explained in details, although I could not explain it in Japanese.

6. Trackbacks

I sent trcakback to following blogs.
Thank you, their authors.