[shogi]my best kifu in Nov. expressed by gif

I’m trying to express shogi board on my blog. In this time, I use simply board gif file. Next time I want to use repayable board by Java or Flash program.
I think the thumbnail shogi board is too small. So, please show the original size gif by clicking the thumbnail shogi board.
Well, it was a rating match in Shogi Club 24. My rating was 1453 and the opposite’s was 1462.
Please think what I moved. The key is knights in my hands. You can see the answer by clicking the next.

The answer is N*23 K-21 N*24. Then, the opposite king cannot escape.


4 Responses to [shogi]my best kifu in Nov. expressed by gif

  1. RAZA says:

    Couldn’t you just have done – N*23 k-21 G*11 checkmate (tsume)

  2. w1allen says:

    Hello, RAZA
    It’s not checkmate. Opposite can move +Rx11 because of +R(19) ‘s work.

  3. RAZA says:

    oops didn’t see the Rook there :)

  4. w1allen says:

    Hello, RAZA.:-)
    This Promoted Rook would be overlooked because the Chinese character of Promoted Rook is similar to one of Promoted Bishop.

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