[shogi]Report of Shogi society on April 2007

May 2, 2007

I will report the trend of Shogi society on April 2007.

In 65th Meijin-sen, the challenger GODA has got advantage by 2-0. I have a great interest in the result of the third match.

1. Professional shogi society

1-1. Major 7 title matches

Title matches

title status match condition
65th Meijin-sen MORIUCHI toshiyuki Meijin 0-2 GODA masataka 7 set match (4wins-match)
56th Osho-sen HABU yoshiharu Osho 4-3 SATO yasumitsu. Habu defended. 7 set match (4wins-match)
32nd Kio-sen MORIUCHI toshiyuki Kio 2-3 SATO yasumitsu. Sato got. 5 set match (3wins-match)

1-2. other title matches

title status match condition
1st DAIWA Securities Cup The cup started. It is the first time that professional players play through Internet in official games. knock out tournament
25th ASAHI Open Tournament HABU yoshiharu Asahi 2-1 AKUTU chikara 5 set match (3wins-match)
56th NHK TV shogi Tournament Sato yasumitsu won over Moriuchi toshiyuki and got the championship for the first time. knock out tournament

2. Female professional shogi society

2-1. Major 4 female title matches

title status match condition
29th Female Osho-sen CHIBA ryoko female Osho 0-0 SIMIZU ichiyo 5 set match (3wins-match)
33rd Female meijini-sen YAUCHI rieko female meijin 3-2 NAKAI hiroe. Yauchi defended. 5 set match (3wins-match)

2-2. other title matches

I think that there is no topic to write on April.

That’s all.
See you next report!