Report of Shogi society in December 2009

I will report the trend of Shogi society in December 2009.

1. Professional shogi society

1-1. Major 7 title matches

Title matches

title status match condition
22nd Ryuo-sen WATANABE akira 4-0 MORIUCHI toshiyuki. WATANABE defended. 7 set matches
50th Oi-sen FUKAURA koichi 4-3 KIMURA kazuki. FUKAURA defended. 7 set matches
57th Oza-sen HABU yoshiharu 3-0 YAMASAKI takayuki. HABU defended. 5 set matches
67th Meijin-sen HABU yoshiharu 4-3 GODA masataka. HABU defended. 7 set matches
59th Osho-sen KUBO toshiaki became the challenger to HABU yoshiharu Osho. 7 set matches
80th Kisei-sen HABU yoshiharu 3-2 KIMURA kazuki. HABU defended. 5 set matches
35th Kio-sen SATO yasumitsu became the challenger to KUBO toshiaki Kio. 5 set matches

2. Female professional shogi society

2-1. Major 5 female title matches

title status match condition
20th Female Oi-sen ISHIBASHI sachio 2-3 SHIMIZU ichiyo. SHIMIZU got Female Oi title. 5 set matches
. SATOMI defended.
3 set matches
31st Female Osho-sen SHIMIZU ichiyo 2-0 UEDA hatsumi. SHIMIZU defended. 3 set matches
36th Female Meijini-sen SATOMI kana became the challenger to SHIMIZU ichiyo Female Meijini. 5 set matches
2nd MAINABI Female Open YAUCHI rieko 3-0 IWANE sinobu. YAUCHI defended. 5 set matches

That’s all.
See you next report!


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