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October 30, 2010

youtube test

Hans Geuns’ Basic Shogi vocabulary

October 3, 2010

You can see “Hans Geuns’ Basic Shogi vocabulary” by clicking “vocabulary” at the top of this blog. This vocabulary is very useful.

Report of Shogi society in September 2010

October 1, 2010

I will report the trend of Shogi society in September 2010.

1. Professional shogi society

1-1. Major 7 title matches

Title matches

title status match condition
23rd Ryuo-sen HABU yoshiharu became the challenger to WATANABE akira Ryuo. 7 set matches
51st Oi-sen FUKAURA koichi 2-4 HIROSE akihito. HIROSE got Oi title. 7 set matches
58th Oza-sen HABU yoshiharu 3-0 FUJII takeshi. HABU defended. 5 set matches
68th Meijin-sen HABU yoshiharu 4-0 MIURA hiroyuki. HABU defended. 7 set matches
59th Osho-sen HABU yoshiharu 2-4 KUBO toshiaki. KUBO got Osho title. 7 set matches
81st Kisei-sen HABU yoshiharu 3-0 FUKAURA koihi. HABU defended. 5 set matches
35th Kio-sen KUBO toshiaki 3-2 SATO yasumitsu. KUBO defended. 5 set matches

2. Female professional shogi society

2-1. Major 5 female title matches

title status match condition
21st Female Oi-sen SHIMIZU ichiyo 1-3 KAI tomomi. KAI got Female Oi. 5 set matches
18th KURASHIKI TOKA IWANE shinobu became the challenger to SATOMI kana KURASHIKI TOKA. 3 set matches
31st Female Osho-sen SHIMIZU ichiyo 2-0 UEDA hatsumi. SHIMIZU defended. 3 set matches
36th Female Meijini-sen SHIMIZU ichiyo 0-3 SATOMI kana. SATOMI got Female Mejini title. 5 set matches
3rd MAINABI Female Open YAUCHI rieko 0-3 KAI tomomi. KAI got Jyooh title. 5 set matches

That’s all.
See you next report!