I’m a Japanese and I want to spread shogi over the world.
About my profile, please refer to Profile(Mainly for Shogi fan)

About TV drama, I like “STAR TREK” very much and my favorite series is “Deep Space 9”.

8 Responses to Profile

  1. Rod Jackson says:

    Hey I was wondering if there were any DVDs with Inagawa manaka in them? I ask because there is a clip of her at “You tube”

    aka Rod Jackson

  2. w1allen says:

    Hello, RAZA.
    I’m happy that I can meet a foreign shogi fan like you.
    About Inagawa manaka, probably there is no DVDs with her. That clip is a copy of the Japanese shogi TV program.

  3. RAZA says:

    Hey I tried to post this before but it seems it did not get through.

    Are you aware of any Shogi DVDs (in English OR Japanese)?

    The only one that I am aware of is by Sam Sloan

    Also I was wondering about “Ito Sae”, do you know anything about her. I just read about her from this site (English) (Japanese)

    I was also wondering how you spell her name in Kanji.

  4. w1allen says:

    Hello, RAZA.
    I write a new article for your comment.
    Please read it.

  5. RAZA says:

    Hey someone once asked me this, I was wondering if you know the answer –

    I am interested in the standard Shogi board size and the size of the “squares” (rectangles) on it. Can you let me know what is the actual size of it? And for Shogi pieces, I want to know the actual sizes of these also. I know that there is variation in size for each piece.

    If you can tell me refer web or document that would be great thank you.

  6. w1allen says:

    Hello, RAZA.:-)
    I write a new article for your comment.
    Please read it.

  7. adrianwoo says:

    Hi I have site about shogi (first in Polisch google). This site is in Polish and Englisch language. Please go there and write somethink on forum. If you will, you can add this link to your links.

  8. lionnel kouassi says:

    Good morning.i’m lionnel,21.Student and president of nihon kurabu kokusai.we promote japanese culture and i would like to create a federation of shogi in ivory coast and help spreading shogi in my whole continent.i’m waiting for all usefull links and contacts to help me to do so

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