[shogi]Report from my friend in Australia

June 29, 2008

My friend in Australia hosted a shogi table at Japanese Festival.
I got the report from him as below;

I was recently invited to host a shogi table at the Japanese festival in Melbourne , Australia.
The allocation for me was two chairs and one table, placed in a room, between the Origami and Go section.
The event was scheduled to open at 10:00 am , however as soon as I set my board up at 9:30 , I found myself instructing a teenage girl on how to defeat her brother! (she almost did)
This was the beginning of over seven hours playing and instructing Shogi for me! I payed approximately 20 games, my opponents varied from old men , right down to young children. I even played a beautiful Japanese lady dressed in a Kimono. The playing strength varied from perhaps 1 or 2 kyu, down to 15 kyu. (I’m only around 12 kyu)
My games were a mixture of even, or 1 or 2 piece handicaps. All the games were close battles with at times 15-20 spectators. Player demand was exceeding my supply of space and sets, after a couple of hours the Go section kindly gave me the use of one of their tables. This allowed me to use my other two sets and to play two simultanious games, plus rotate around the 4 boards, offering advice , or instruction when needed. I really enjoyed this, even though I lost six games straight!
The majority of the people that I played were of corse Japanese, however I’m pleased to say that I introduced the game to quite a few people from different countries.
To sum up , it was a great day, there were would have been at least 50 games played by about 20 people, everyone involved seem to really enjoy themselves. To my knowlwdge , this is the first time Shogi has been played at this type of event in Melbourne.

Many thanks to the Mebourne Japanese Federation.

Regards Darren